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Una Striscia Di Terra Feconda – 13esima edizione – 24 / 27 settembre, 2010

La prossima edizione di Una Stricia di Terra Feconda Festival si svolgerà dal 24 al 27 settembre 2010 presso
La Casa del Jazz e  Auditorium “Parco Della Musica” a Roma
The Afijma has created the French Italian festival Una Striscia di Terra Feconda in Roma thanks to strong relationship between musicians and professionals from both countries. Paolo Damiani, musician and former director of the Orchester National of Jazz and Armand Meignan, president of the Afijma and director of the Europa Jazz Festival, were the instigators of this project.
Since the beginning the Afijma has been working together with the roman association Associazione Culturale Jonica.
Return in France
The second chapter of this project is the invitation of Italien musicians within the festivals of the Afijma in the frame of French Italian concerts or days. Around 8 festivals invite Italian musicians each year.
Those programs are then labelised Una Striscia di Terra Feconda.
Italian Django d’Or
Since 1999 the ceremony of the Django d’Or takes place during the Una Striscia di Terra Feconda festival. This prize is given to young promising musicians of the year.
In a way this operation has contributed to the renown of the festival itself thanks to the radio, the Rai 3 TV channel and the international jazz press.
Armand Meignan
76, rue de Menilmontant
75020 Paris
Paolo Damiani
Teatro dell’Ascolto
Via Veientana, 5
00189 Roma

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